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My father is in a nursing home and miserable. He was placed there by his wife without his knowledge or consent.  He is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease and vascular dementia.  He is aware of his surroundings and has full recognition of his friends and family.  COVID-19 has added to his despair since he cannot leave the premises or receive visitors.  In as much as his physical health is being preserved his mental and emotional state are severely compromised.  I am his oldest daughter and I was going to visit him nearly every weekend.  I would take him to lunch or go to art galleries in town.  All of these activities have ceased, and my biggest fear is that he will pass without seeing his family and being physically close to us one last time.   Put yourself in our shoes … would you want your loved one who is already ill to be treated as a criminal – that’s the feeling I have with this situation.  PLEASE know it is imperative that this situation changes to save our loved ones.  I believe there are workaround solutions available that need to be put into place before people are lost inadvertently to the virus.  Your support is necessary to make this change.