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I have been witness to the devastating effects of the Corona Virus on our older population despite the fact we have had only 3 positive cases of Covid-19 in our county.  I understand the devastating effects this virus has on our elderly.  People need to know the devastating effects this isolation is having on those same people. 

What I had witnessed was heartbreaking.  I saw such sadness among the residents.  I saw deterioration of physical health as well as mental health.  Residents are exhibiting behaviors that were never present before.  Residents have lost weight and appear lethargic.

I have no doubt residents have passed away at a quicker rate because of this isolation.  For many who live there, visits from family members, even once a week, was the one bright part of that week.  The depressed state of the wife who is longing to see her husband and the therapy dog he brings to the facility is tear-jerking.  That one visitor brought such happiness, thru the therapy dog, to everyone that lives there and works there.  The one source of joy for many has been taken away.  The listless eyes and softened voices make it obvious that the quality of life for these residents is gone. 

Without quality of life, who cares about a “possible” exposure to Covid-19?  Staff is allowed in and out of these facilities everyday but the resident’s family members are NOT allowed to visit.  There needs to be another option! We need to stand up for our elders because they do not have a voice.