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It has been 113 days since I have seen my 28 year old son.  He is in a Supported Living Center in Denton TX.  He has been there for 3 years.  During that time, I would spend time with him several times a week, each and EVERY week.  Petre functions on the level of a 3 year old and can not comprehend why mom just vanished from his life on March 13th.  There is NO way that anyone could ever explain this to him.  He is non verbal and does not understand face time.  Many times I try and it upsets him terribly.  He looks horrible.  He is looking around the room for me and does not understand.  I was a vital and routine part of his life.  He is 1:1 at all times due to his self injurious behavior.  He is 100% dependent on others for every aspect of his life.  Since March 13, I have written Governor, Senators, State Representatives, HHSC, even done some media.  Guardian oversight is Critical in any facility setting.  Our loved ones are Isolated and Suffering.  At what point will this separation be more dangerous to them than Covid ever was.  DSSLC is a 189 acre campus.  Not a nursing home or hospital setting.  Many of the residents are young with no underlying medical conditions.  1400 employees go in and out the front gate daily.  When they leave work, they are free to go wherever they choose to go and do whatever they choose to do and go right back on campus.  Yet a handful of family/legal guardians are forbidden access.  There are Safe ways to visit.  No one has a more vested interest in their health and well being than a family.