Thank you for joining us to restore visitation to isolated residents of nursing homes and assisted living facilities. Care facilities have been closed to the outside world for over 100 days, and residents are suffering from a lack of critical companionship, care, and oversight. It’s time to enact sensible policy to relax the harmful visitation ban. 


  1. Send the link to this website to your family, friends, and community members impacted by the visitation ban. 
  1. Post a short video or photo to Facebook, Instagram or Twitter!  
  • For Videos: post a short (1 minute) video where you share what the visitation ban has meant to you. 
  • For Photos: share a photo of your family member who is living in a facility.  If you don’t have a photo of them, post a selfie!
  • Include some text to tell us why you visit
  • Use the hashtags #VisitationSavesLives #ElderAbuseAwarenessMonth  
  • Tag: @Gavinnewsom @CAGovernor @SeemaCMS @CaliforniaDSS @CAPublicHealth 
    • If you don’t live in California, tag your own state Governor, state Dept. of Public Health, licensing agency for assisted living, and Seema Verma of CMS. 
  1. Share your posts with CANHR 
  • Upload your videos or photos HERE so that we can share your stories in our continued advocacy to open the doors of care facilities.


  • @Gavinnewsom @CAGovernor @SeemaCMS @CaliforniaDSS @CAPublicHealth: Nursing home residents have not seen their families for over 100 days! Family visitors provide critical companionship, care, and oversight to frail and disabled adults. Relax the harmful ban on visitation.#VisitationSavesLives #EndIsolation #RestoreVisitation #ElderAbuseAwarenessMonth
  • “What’s the use of living if I can’t see my family?” #COVID-19 triggered a nationwide ban on family visitation with nursing home residents. Residents are suffering from loneliness, neglect, and heartbreak. It’s time to enable visitation. @Gavinnewsom @CAGovernor @SeemaCMS @CaliforniaDSS @CAPublicHealth #VisitationSavesLives #EndIsolation #RestoreVisitation #ElderAbuseAwarenessMonth


From CANHR’s Julie Pollock: this is my amazing grandmother in the 1950’s, and a photo from last year. Her nursing home has been closed since March. Two weeks ago, she celebrated her 91st birthday alone. We miss her so much. It’s time to safely reopen nursing homes now.  #VisitationSavesLives 


If you don’t have social media, please share your story in an email to: Seema.verma@cms.hhs.gov, Mark.Ghaly@chhs.ca.govLNCPolicy@cdph.ca.gov, CCLASCPBusinessServices@dss.ca.gov and cc testimonials@canhr.org. To contact California Governor Newsom please use THIS FORM.

Dear Governor Newsom: 

It is time to end the draconian ban on visitation in long term care facilities.  Residents are suffering from neglect, loss, and isolation that is every bit as devastating as COVID-19.

[Share your personal story here.] 

Care facilities have been closed to the outside world for over 100 days now, and residents are suffering. I urge you to take action now, and relax the harmful visitation ban.