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My sister is in a nursing home San Diego.  She is a Downs Syndrome person.  Before the ban on visitations, my sister would enjoy feeding her baby dolls, coloring, and moving to her favorite music with my help.  She would have me do her hair and nails.  We made the best of a difficult situation as a family.  The visitation restrictions have created isolation on a physical and emotional level.  She now sleeps most of the day. She also developed moisture wounds.  My sister does not understand what is happening.  She doesn’t understand why I am not there to give her hugs and kisses or why she cannot do the things she loved doing before the lockdown.  I go to her window every day so she doesn’t feel alone and to make sure she gets help when she needs it.  Most of the time she doesn’t see me.  Then, they close the window blinds.  I leave not knowing if she gets the care that she needs.