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My mother, DeDe, was living at an assisted living in Temecula until three weeks ago, when she was rushed to the hospital due to inability to breathe.  She does NOT have COVID-19.  She has been in intensive care due to several blood clots in her lungs, and is unlikely to survive.  My mom is only 69 years old, and during the quarantine she got very depressed and just laid in bed all day long, which likely contributed to the blood clots she developed. Since she was used to her daughter, boyfriend, grandkids and siblings visiting her several times a week, she had lost total connection with the people she loves and declined as a result.  If at least one person in the family could have visited her, this may have saved her.  The doctors are telling us there is nothing more they can do for our mom, and we have to decide whether to take her off life support.  If only one family member could have visited my mom, she might have had the chance to stay healthy and alive.  My mom does not have COVID-19, but she will die any day as a result of the COVID-19 restrictions.  Please end the ban on visitation!