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From the time of my beautiful son’s injury I had been with him daily, and to speak for him in his sub-acute state. To show nursing correct way to suction w/o traumatizing him; Inform of the correct way to test shower water temperature so as not to semi-scald him. It had been un-spoken between my son and I that we were in this together. Two months into visitation ban my son was admitted to hospital with pneumonia. Allowed to be with him in E.R. I saw several signs of nursing home/facility neglect, insensitivity, or abuse (from my son’s head to foot) that made me know nursing facility had betrayed our trust, during the visitation ban. Also reiterating time had been of the essence for me to be with my son and as his nurturing advocate, support person; to oversee and participate in his care. He is helpless and cannot speak for himself.