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On August 2, 2020 my Mother was in the nursing home battling dementia when I got word she was put into the COVID side of the home. They said she showed signs of COVID, but not results from a Covid test.  She passed on August 5, 2020.  On her death report it showed no signs of any COVID, period.  You put this wonderful lady which is my Mother in isolation with a nursing curtain two feet from her left.  Another two feet to her right is a white solid wall with no windows.  In other words, a closed cell for her last three days of her life without seeing her loving son and family. 

I am her loving son, and I tell you I am still I’m deep pain and sorrow over this lack of professionalism.  I was so blessed to have my Mother for as long as I did, but it would have been real nice to say goodbye and be by my Mother’s side during her passing.

I do not find this fair to my Mother or me for her last days of isolation alone. 

I was informed on Sunday that she was moved to Covid unit.  I was told I could not visit.  I called Monday morning and evening and was told she had zero Covid symptoms.  I called Tuesday, same answer.  Wednesday morning they told me she was not doing too well.  I told them I was on my way.  I live ten hours away driving time.  My Mother passed 3 hours before I arrived.