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My mother was a resident of a sub-acute nursing facility in San Diego since December 2015.  She has a ventilator and requires the care of a sub-acute facility.  I used to visit daily for 3 – 4 hours, taking her out in the sunshine and keeping watch over her medical condition and any changes, and making the nursing department and doctors aware of these changes.  The nursing home lockdown began in mid-March.  Everything was fine up to this point.  On April 6, I received a call from the nursing facility that my mother was in critical condition and was being sent to the emergency room of the nearest hospital.  I received a phone call from the hospital intensivist that my mother had pneumonia, kidney failure, and a probable urinary tract infection.  My mother was in very bad condition and I was told she may not survive.  How had her condition worsened so quickly in just a matter of a few weeks from when I last saw her?  Had I been able to continue my daily visits with my mother, I undoubtedly would have seen the changes in my mother’s medical condition and would have voiced my concerns to the nursing staff and doctors, and probably would have been able to save my mother from the terrible ordeal she went through with being in the hospital for almost 2 months.  She was discharged from the hospital on June 2 and taken to another sub-acute facility.  My presence is extremely critical for my mother’s wellbeing.  I am her eyes and ears and communicate with the medical staff since she is unable to speak anymore.   PLEASE, PLEASE, ALLOW VISITATIONS.  With this lockdown, the cure is worse than the disease itself.