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We can protect and care for our family members simply by being with them. 

We are willing to go through the similar safety protocols because we want to protect our loved ones. The residents have been locked inside their room and deprived of the precious time, the care and the love from the family members too long. The ban harms residents. Please try to imagine the mental and physical impacts on these fragile residents who are confined inside the rooms at the nursing home alone?

Giving LTC facilities the authority to modify visitation policies (or determine visit feasibility) in the name of protecting them from Covid-19 could possibly mean no visitation for family members as facilities have little incentives to do so. My father is an 84 year old paralyzed, immobile and bed-ridden resident who cannot talk due to strokes and does not understand English. My father has complained daily about the pains on his limbs. Especially I am very concerned about the deterioration of my father toes’ conditions due to the lack of the circulation that may lead to amputation if the ban prolongs. I have been the one who helped him with the circulation and the toes were in good condition before the ban. Please lift the visit ban and please help to protect my father’s Rights.