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I am an RN, working for Mayo Clinic in Arizona for years. My mother is in a nursing home in Turlock, California. She was much happier before the Ban due to my brother’s every day visit. Due to the COVID ban, any time she sees my brother, it is from behind the glass door. She cries and tries to grab the handle of the door to get out. She begs my brother to come in. My brother used to visit her every day to help manage the care that she needed. She is an insulin dependent diabetic with low functioning kidneys, neuropathy, dementia, fall risk, and has a language barrier. (There’s only one person on staff who speaks her language). Since the visitation ban, she has lost 10 lbs in 3 weeks. She has become so depressed, unhappy, grouchy, and lonely. We used to regularly take her to appointments with her Endocrinologist, pediatrist, and nephrologist. Unfortunately, all of her appointments since then have gotten canceled. I am so worried about her diabetes not being supervised by her specialists. This COVID 19 isolation is doing more harm to this group of people than helping them due to unmet psychological, mental, emotional, physical needs, and care. PLEASE HELP THEM not feel unwanted and lonely! STOP THE VISITATION BAN! We don’t want our mother to suffer and die alone!!!